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What we do

MOVING PLAN 壱 (A)  $45 ~ 
MOVING PLAN 弐 (B) $60 ~
MOVING PLAN 参 (C) $80 ~

1 van 1 man 60 min session

Car service only. 
Please wait for our arrival at building entrance with your movings set ready

1 van 1 man 60 min session.

Car service + Carring support.
We help your movings from your current

apt to new apt.
Let's move your movings together!
Do't worry we have much dollies & knowledge how easy move.

1 van 2 men upto 60 min session 

Full moving service.

Our 2 men move all your movings from your current apt to new apt.

We offer you reliable experience & skills.
Please you stay relax with some coffee during moving.


One day booking plan $350 ~

For filming, shooting and one day driving service. 12 people available to ride.

4 seats in our passenger van.
(Not for moving.)

4 hours :  $200 ~
8 hours  : $350 ~
12 hours : $500~

Moving to exhibision/trade show/
Street festivals and Music concert

1 van 1 man round trip : $100 ~

1 van 2 men round trip : $180 ~
Move from your office or restaurant to
the Javits Center or any other locations

Furniture Disposal

Up to our Plan B or C only  

We pick up and dispose your big furniture.  

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