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About us


Suhakobi is New York City  based Japananese moving company with high quality customer

service for the best experience.
We make your move easier and faster.

From 2014  to 2023  Jan 18th

Suhakobi has worked :

5,450 jobs



Why does Suhakobi have so many customers ?

To be honest, we have strong confidence in our  customer service. 
From the booking process to loading into your new apartment, we are here to support you and make your move easy and fast.

No job is too big or too small, we are here to help!

・You do not have to worry about moving your large furniture items with Uber of Lyft. 
    We know all about moving. We can make your move much easier.

・You do not have to worry about renting a van just to move your piece of furniture.
    We can give you a better deal and are always on time !

Free Quote


47-32 32nd PL Long Island City NY 11101

Mail to :

Quick Inquiry




Thank you very much for your inquiry !

We will replay you shortly as soon as our possible !


Q:What van will come for our moving? Is that a truck ?
A:​We own Ford E350 15 /12 Passenger vans.
       Our vans are not  truck, therefore ,we will go rent a large truck in case necessary.


Q:Do you think everything fit in your van?What is van size?

​A:It is depends on size of each items, therefore we may ask details to all customers at every job.
       Trunk space of our van : 4' x 4' x 6-8'

Q:Suhakobi's van , Uber XL ? or Friend's car ? 
A:We think you may choose based on your load amount and distance.

    Small cars are cheeper than us sometimes, However you might need to go round and round with them. 

Q:Is that OK that I put our load stuff in plastic bags?

A:Yes, it is OK. However it might be a reason of lost and damage because bag is not strong and being opened.
       So we still recommend you shall pack up with boxes to keep your stuff clean.

Q:Should I take my large furniture apart by myself ?

A:You do not have to worry. we can do it for you. 
      But you still have to take them apart. 
      Bed frame, Dinning Table and L - shape couch are not go through the doors and stairs at many locations.

Q:Is your fee flat rate?

A:No it is not flat rate. We make our quote by
  ①Locations from Manhattan NY

  ②Load amount.

  ③Walk up situation and other work environment.
      We make plans and prices based on these conditions above to make fare deal.


Q:Is tips included your quoted price?

A:No, it is not included.

Q:Firm price ? Can you work it for $○○?

A:We are sorry but we do not work for your preferred price without our quotation.
    Please you may understand we will work for it based our pricing policy.


Q:I got offer $○○ from other moving company.

A:We sincerely appreciate your considering to have us.
       We believe there's difference even in same business. As well as difference of flight fare and hotel fee, our price is not same with other company.


Q:How can I pay to you?

A:For indivisual customers : Payable cash and credit card only. No check payment acceptable.
      For business customers : Payable cash, credit card and comapany check. 


Q:Can I choose van and driver from Suhakobi ?

A:We are sorry but you can not choose van and driver from our line up.

Q:Do you come on time?

A:Yes, we do come on time mostly. However, we sometime come late due to unexpected reasons. 
       We will text you to know 30 minutes before in the case that we come late.


Q:Lost and damage coverage?

A:Please check our customer agreement when you make reservation.


Q:When should I make reservation?

A:Usually it is better 1-2 weeks prior for the job in middle of month, and 2-3 weeks prior is ideal for the job in end of month.
       Also we do not take reservation more than 30 days prior and to the customer who does not confirm next apartment.     


Q:Can Suhakobi work for me today ? or Tomorrow ?

A:Please ask to office our availability. 

       We are offering highly percentage work fee for these last minutes booking.

Q:Can I reschedule because of bad weather ?

A:Yes you can reschedule. 


Q:Can I hold the schedule until we decide ?

A:We are sorry, but you can not hold our schedule. 
       We only offer our schedule for the customer who decide to have us.

Q:Cam I ride your van at my moving?

A:Yes, you can ride if there's room. 

Q:Can I take my pets for ride?

A:Yes. you can take them for ride but must be in the cage.

Q:I don't get email replaying from Suhakobi.

A:We are sorry for the late. We will make replaying as soon as possible.
       Office hour Mon-Sat 9AM-7PM / Sun : Off 

Q:Can I have your quote by phone call or text message.

A:Because we usually replay our moving plans and prices with many of other details, so that our quote mail will be long. 
       E-Mail is better than those. However you can know our rough rate.


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