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Who we are

Suhakobi is New York City  based Japananese moving team who's having high quolity customer serice.
We will make your moving easier. 




Why we have many users ?


Simply says, We can make your moving much more easier.
・You don't need to worry how you move your big sofa anymore.
 Because we know how. 
    We can make your moving more easier.

・You don't need to go online to book your van just move single drawer. 

 Because we come with biggest size of van.

    We can support your shopping on personal moving sale.

・You don't need to go outside to pick up and drop off to rent a van.

    Because we  save your time. 
    We only take 1 or 2 hour session from pick up to drop off.

Q & A


Q. Are you possible to come to IKEA or HomeDepot to move my new furniture ? 
A.  Yes, let's book schedule. We're waiting for you at loading deck !

Q. Pick up & Drop off at Air port ?
Yes. We cover JFK.LGA & NWA

Q. What time do you open for ?
A.  Our open hours is 9AM-7PM. But we can come 24/7 with your extra booking fee.

Q. We have BBQ Party in Prospect park, or We wanna go winery tour in Long Island,NY.
A. Yes, No problem. Load all your stuffs in our van and just go !
     We can also stop by super markt to get your food !

Q. NJ,PA, CT and Upstates in NY ?
A.  Yes. We cover in all metropolitan area. let's talk more details !

Q. I'd like to dispose of my old furniture 
A.  Yes. We do dispose of them.

Q. Can you come tomorrow ? 

A.  Yes. But we need to charge extra last time booking fee to settle your inquiry without

      any misunderstanding.

Q. How much is my moving cost ? 
A. Moving is so much depends. We make our price based on your moving details.

    Please provide ①address ②Walk up or Elevator ③ Loading amount ④ Pics of furniture

Q. I'm going to move from Brooklyn to Manhattan. How much is it ? 

A. We appreciate your inquiry. Please tell us more details. 

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